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Calling Onsite Mobile Mechanics

M O B I L E  M E C H A N I c

Onsite started in 2002 as an "all in one" service which comes directly to you because there was a shortage of mobile mechanical companies that could completely finish off car repairs and breakdowns on the spot at an affordable price.  Most if not all cars would be towed away to a workshop.  

Here at Onsite, you do not need to leave your car at a workplace all day, you can just relax in the comfort of your own home whilst we take care of everything for you. We can even come to your workplace too and take care of your repairs there.  With over 25 years of practical experience, we do our best to satisfy our clients, providing high-quality customer service.  

Call us to experience the convenience and customer-friendly service wherever and whenever you need it, any time, every day of the year including public holidays.  Feel free to call to speak with us directly about any car repairs, service or breakdown on 1800 850 449  or simply click here to make an appointment with a mechanic. 

O N S I T E   G U A R A N T E e

N E W   C A R    W A R R A N T I E S 

Our quality workmanship has earned us a great reputation with our customers.  We offer a 12-month guarantee.  We make sure that all work is done precisely to the manufacturer's specifications.  As an owner of a new vehicle with a new car warranty, you are by law allowed to choose another service repairer  This is your right!  

At On-Site Mobile Mechanics we employ fully qualified technicians to look afer all your mechanical needs.  By having us repair your vehicle this does not affect your warranty obligations. 

The most important rule that you must abide by is that it is important that a qualified technician works on your vehicle, and also uses genuine or quality parts.  If your vehicle has a problem and the repair is covered by your warranty, your vehicle should be taken back to the dealer to have it seen/repaired. 


Calling Onsite Mobile Mechanics