On-Site Guarantee

Our quality workmanship has earned us a great reputation with our customers.  We offer a 12 month guarantee on all our workmanship.

New Car Warranties for all vehicles

We make sure that all work is done precisely to the manufacturers specifications.  As an owner of a new vehicle you are by law allowed to choose another service repairer to work on any of your vehicles.  This is your right!   At On-Site Mobile Mechanics we employ fully qualified technicians to look after all your vehicle's needs.   By having us repair your vehicle this does not affect your warranty obligations.  The most important rule that you must abide by is that it is important that a qualified technician works on your vehicle, and also uses only genuine or quality pats.

If your vehicle has a problem and the repair is covered by your warranty, your vehicle should be taken back to the dealer to have it seen/repaired.

We cover our work for 12 months or 20,000km and your statutory warranty remains unaffected.

Call us today and we can explain how it all works!!

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