The On-Site Transmission Service:

Every car has different needs on when to get a car service transmission. This generally depends on how many km's you travel, your transmission requires servicing at least every 30,000 - 60,000 kms.

An example of when to have your car service done is if you notice your transmission slipping - it is very important to have it checked right away, so that you don't incur any other un-wanted car repairs. 

If you need to have your transmission serviced or inspected. simply Call us on 1800850449  we will provide you with a full inspection and then confirm with you the work that needs to be performed, before we commence the car service.

Automatic Transmission Service includes:

Replace Transmission Filter Kit
Replace Transmission Fluid
Adjust Transmission Bands
Inspect for Oil Leaks
Inspect Transmission Operation

$189.50 Including GST & Parts

Please note surcharges can apply for European vehicles, 4WD and Diesel.  For certain Oils & Oil Filters & Spark Plugs.


Call us today on 1800850449 and we will assist you.